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20×24 Images in exhibit: The Art of Polaroid

In the history of American photography, Edwin Land’s invention of Polaroid film in 1947 stands out as a profound influence on the work of many great photographers. As Polaroid technology evolved and was refined from the 50’s to the end of the 20th century (culminating in the astounding 20×24 inch format film camera — only […]

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The 20×24 Lab creates new reagent for PP400 film

20×24 Holdings set up a lab and warehouse at Belding Mill in Putnam CT less than one year ago.  We transformed the space, building a darkroom to house the film spooler, moved one of Polaroid’s original pod machines into place and began testing formulas for reagents for our three films, Polacolor 3, Polacolor 7 and […]

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